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Fudu Park - Corner Terrace - 3068 sqft @ 1626 PSF

Fudu Park - Corner Terrace - 3068 sqft @ 1626 PSF

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Corner Terrace At Fudu Park Area Almost At Valuation Only!

Cobroke and buyers welcome!

️* Corner Terrace almost at valuation only!
️* Pure selling, no extension required
* Serene environment wide and prominent frontage
* high ceiling bright and breez
* parks 2 cars

- Almost at valuation only!
️- Serious seller, pure sell + no need extension
️- Serene environment with great view
️- Wide and prominent frontage! Spacious, high ceiling, bright and breezy
️- Can park minimum 2 cars comfortably

A must see and not to be missed! View to believe!

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