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Tai Hwan Garden - Corner Terrace - 3000 sqft @ 1833 PSF

Tai Hwan Garden - Corner Terrace - 3000 sqft @ 1833 PSF

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Elevated Renovated Corner Terrace At Cul De Sac Almost At Valuation!


Cobroke and buyers warmly welcome!

Elevated renovated corner terrace at cul de sac almost at valuation!

What makes this property special:
- Corner terrace, spacious bright and well ventilated
- Elevated, bright and bright and well ventilated
- Cul de sac - exclusive environment
- Parks 2 cars

View to believe! Call Hwa San @ 92333552  now!


== D10==
Dunearn Rd Detached @ 17.3mil
Dunearn Rd Detached @ 7.82mil
Jalan Jelita Semi D @ 8.72mil
Namly View Semi D @ 8.6mil
One Tree Hill Semi D @ 10.82mil
One Tree Hill Semi D @ 9.28mil
One Tree Hill Detached @ 19.6mil
Vanda Rd Detached @ 16.82mil

Barker Rd Semi D @ 8.56mil
Lornie Rd Detached @ 18.6mil
Lornie Rd Detached @ 15.6mil
Lornie Rd Detached @ 17.68mil

Paya Lebar Crescent Detached @ 8.88mil
Jalan Grisek Semi D @ 6.6mil
Lor Marzuki Semi D @ 5.5mil
Lor Salleh Semi D @ 6.48mil

Frankel Estate Detached @ 8.5mil
Goodman Rd Detached @ 13.5mil
Jedburgh Gardens Semi D @ 7.25mil
Koon Seng Rd Detached @ 12.5mil
Meyer Rd Strata Detached @ 7.25mil
Opera estate corner terrace @ 4.8mil
Off Upper East Coast Rd Detached @ 8.0mil
Off Upper East Coast Rd Corner Terrace @ 7.98mil
Woo Mon Chew Rd Semi D @ 5.88mil

Upper Bedok Rd Semi D @ 7.8mil

Toh Ave Semi D @ 5.46mil
Toh Crescent Semi D @ 5.86mil

Tai Hwan Garden Corner Terrace @ 5.50mil
Serangoon gardens Corner Terrace @ 7.18mil
Jansen Road Detached @ 11.0mil

Tham Soong Ave Semi D @ 7.38mil
Yuk Tong Ave Semi D @ 7.8mil

Florissa Park Terrace @ 3.56mil
Fudu Park Corner Terrace @ 5.8mil

and more!